Monday, March 30, 2009

Ten things to do while you are waiting on God's promises to manifest

Things to do while waiting on God to Manifest his promises in your life

1. Believe that he is God and that he is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he needs to repent for whatever he says He will bring it to pass.
2. Don’t lose your hope and confidence in your God of your Salvation.
3. Believe the Word, stand on the Word, trust in the Word, bathe in the Word, and speak the Word. The Word is the same it does not change.
4. Remember that your problem is not bigger than God
5. Don’t hate the haters, and the nay Sayers –If you are the only person believing that
God will bring you out then go to your grave with that belief.
6. Tune out negative thinking
7. Cry if you must but do not waddle in self pity
8. Don’t let fear breed in your heart and mind (turn off the TV, people or anything that try to invoke fear into you.)
9. Don’t try to stand in your own power lean heavily on the Power of the Living God.
10. Learn to wait patiently for God and to smile in trying situation.


  1. Thanks for this. It is very encouraging. Speaking as an unemployed father of 7 (and wife of 1!), we need to remember the promises. Thank you.

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